"Kabul Ping Pong" (43 min, 2005) reflects the lives of three people living in Kabul in Afghanistan. The (former) Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdullah Abdullah, is living in the memories of the brutal murder of the legendaric guerilla leader Ahmed Shah Massoud. Parwana Hazim, a gifted girl of 12, is missing Pakistan and a better school-system. The newspaper editor Fahim Dashty is marked by the traumas the war has induced.

By discussing corrupt politicians, women’s right, warlords, resistance to the Taliban, and ethnic conflicts, "Kabul Ping Pong"  focuses on the strategies these people are using in order to put themselves on their feet after more than twenty years of war.

The film has among other places been shown at MIT (List Visual Arts Center) in Massachusetts in 2010, at Museum of Modern Art in  New York in 2007, at the 10th International Istanbul Biennial in 2007 and at The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo in 2005.


Kabul Ping Pong (43 min)

Made in cooperation with Bodil Furu

Made with support from: Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, the Freedom of Expression Foundation and Arts Council Norway.